Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday mornings.

So, another week begins...

Boston is such a light sleeper. If he sees his door open, at any time, he thinks it's time to get up. (Roman would be the one to blame for opening the door.) He will usually snuggle for a bit and sometimes fall back asleep though, and I don't mind the snuggle. He still cries a little everytime his daddy leaves for work. He is pretty attached to him, but is always happy with mom too. He's a sweet, cuddly boy. He already knows what he wants and is learning to communicate that!

Roman is the early riser of the house. He usually wants to "nuggle" and watch a show. He loves that paci (only at bedtime, well... and until I realize he still has it in the morning). He would have 10 if he could and switch through the colors all day. He is in the learning stage of obedience and consequences. :) He has a sweet spirit and is very loving.

Parker is a sound sleeper and usually the last to wake up in the morning. If he wakes up in the night for some reason, he is really out of it and never remembers the event. Like the other morning he woke up without pants on and said, "Mom, I don't know where my pants went." They were in the bathroom after a nighttime trip to the bathroom. Or another night where Josh found him in the kitchen peeing on the refridgerator, totally out of it. Or he might come downstairs and just climb on my lap and fall asleep on me. Very strange!

He has been playing the computer since he was 3, when he got his first wenkinz. He's pretty good at navigating through his favorite websites and can login his user name and password by himself. Pretty crazy. He's a good boy. He loves life and enjoys the little things.

So, another week with my three bugs. Another week to play, sing, craft, read, dance, wrestle, color, snuggle, make-believe and clean up plenty of messes. I'd better get lots of sleep. :)

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