Friday, February 5, 2010

I am.

I am numb, but I am overwhelmed by feelings.
I am alone, but I am covered in thoughts and prayer.
I am scared, but I am protected.
I am afraid, but I am reasurred.
I am hurt, but I am loved.
I am weak, but I am strong.

I am His, and He is "I am".

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  1. Passed by the hospital today with tears knowing what you are going through and with my heart so heavy for you and Josh. I lifted you up in prayer and had an overwhelming sense of peace for you. This is a time that you will always mourn and question. But you will never have to question if God was there or if He'll help you through this. He is with you. He always has been. He's crying with you. There isn't always a reason for everything but He gives us the ability to pick up the pieces and move forward. You are a wonderful person with a wonderful family and you mean so much to me. I find so much inspiration from you and in how you are as a mother and wife. Thankyou for
    letting God use you. You have truly touched my heart. Love you!