Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This day.

(I write these for myself on my blog to journal my days and memories. These were my thoughts for this day...)

This day was supposed to be so different.
This day was supposed to be a celebration.
This day was supposed to be full of joy.
Instead, devestation.

This day I was looking most forward to.
This day I thought would be a memory to stay.
This day was most on my mind.
Now I just wish it away.

This day I feel like I can't breathe.
This day has broken my heart.
This day I've felt no greater pain.
Now where to start.

This day I've questioned God.
This day I've questioned myself and others.
This day I never saw coming.
All I saw was a sister or brother.

This day my eyes are almost swollen shut.
This day has stained my face with tears.
This day I've cried for hours and hours.
Now I'm only left with my fears.

This day seems like a bad dream.
This day I wish I never had.
This day has been unreal.
My heart hurts and is so sad.

This day I lay beside my husband.
This day we lay together and cry.
This day we ask each other and wonder.
Why did our baby have to die.

This day is still the day that the Lord has made.
This day I'm trying to rejoice and be glad.
This day oh God teach me what you want.
Help me find good from the bad.

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  1. praying for you guys! May God give you peace, healing and understanding.....

  2. Wow Bub...amazing. My heart just goes out to you guys. You really are on my mind so often- and each time I think of you I pray. Love you-